We at Miyama Kogyo Co., Ltd. take considerable pride in the products and services we have supplied to our customers since we established. Our abilities incorporate the integration of processes from the design, manufacture, and maintenance of tooling, to the trial manufacturing and development stages, to the mass production of fine quality components for industrial and, ultimately, public consumption. Our continued application of the newest technologies, as well as research into the most recent developments, has allowed us to provide continuous high standards of quality, excellent follow-up services and very competitive pricing to our customers. We have and will continue to serve industry at large, emphasizing our most notable experience with the leaders in the automotive, electrical and appliance industries, both domestic and international. With the advent of global economies, we see our particular industry under growing pressures, and we face keener competition on a much larger scale. Nevertheless, we are determined to honor our pledge by continuing to focus on customer satisfaction and the highly personalized service that has become the cornerstone of our success. We continue to be committed to serving you better by remaining flexible to your individual company needs and maintaining a progressive outlook towards our industry as a whole. The profession of this philosophy will carry us into the decades to come, and keeps us confident of your continued and/or future patronage.

Miyama Kogyo Co., Ltd. President & CEO

Naoki Takasaki

Company Profile

Company name MIYAMA KOGYO CO.,LTD.
Establishment October 1, 1929
Capital 32.2 million yen
Major business items Manufacture of metal parts for automobile, electrical appliance and construction device.
Stamping, lathing/machining, welding, molding, sub-assembling and designing.
Office Head office
Miyama Kogyo co.,LTD.
〒418-0004 1355 Misonodaira, Fujinomiya-city Shizuoka-prefecture
TEL:+81-544-27-4111 FAX:+81-544-27-3267
Group company Miyama USA, Inc.(MUI)
7081 International Drive, Louisville, KY 40258
Guangzhou Jofu Miyama Autoparts Co.,Ltd
No.20 Yongshen Road., Yonghe Economic Zone.
Guangzhou Development, Guangdong. 511356 China
Meishan Autoparts Foshan Co., Ltd.
No.2-3D Nanhai Japanese Industry Park, Danheng Road, Danzao, Nanhai, Foshan
Guangdong Province, 528216 China
Board members President CEO :Naoki Takasaki
Executive director: Masanobu Tsuboi
Director: Shunsuke Kataoka
Auditor: Toshio Sano

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